With rapid changes in the tax environment, the number of financial reporting obligations is on the rise. As a result, many small businesses are operating without up-to-date reports which diminish their ability to accurately monitor, manage and understand how their business is performing. Carrazzo Consulting can get you back on track by providing expertise and support so that you can maintain your focus on what matters most to your business.

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Bookkeeping is headache number one for many business owners. With Carrazzo Consulting’s reliable and prompt bookkeeping, you can put this worry into the back of your mind and get on with running your business.

You can rely on Carrazzo Consulting for bookkeeping by qualified professionals with the knowledge, expertise, and time to handle all your needs. Based in Melbourne, Victoria, with Sydney consultation rooms Carrazzo Consulting delivers comprehensive service for peace of mind.

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We make difficult concepts easy for our clients to understand.

We have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the best solutions.

We listen to our clients needs and treat you as unique individuals.

We are invested in our clients and care greatly about your financial well-being.

We help reduce our clients exposure to tax during their lives – and for future generations.

We are strong leaders and tough players so you win.


What you need to know

How will Key Factor and Break-Even analysis enhance my business?

These techniques can be utilised as shown below:

Key Factor Monitoring

Financial statements are not just a set of numbers; numbers in relation to other numbers tell the story.

To faciliate proper financial monitoring, the business person should have access to periodic profit and loss statement and balance sheet.

Using numbers from financial statements, financial ratios can be developed which provides tests that measure the short-term solvency, long-term solvency and profitability of a business.

The following business ratios should be regularly checked by the business owner:

  • Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)
  • Profitability Ration
  • Asset Turnover (or Activity ratio)

Break-Even analysis

Break-Even analysis is used to determine how much sales/fees needs to be derived, in order to cover the fixed and variable costs of generating that income and all domestic financial commitments.

In calculating break-even it is important to differentiate between fixed and variable costs. Fixed costs don't change with the level of activity or output, whilst variable costs do.

The benefit of break-even analysis is obvious; it provides the proprietor with a benchmark to aim for in terms of deriving a minimum rate of return.

Will MYOB software assist me with my GST reporting obligations?

Even the most basic of MYOB's software range will greatly assist the business person preparing monthly or quarterly BAS returns. The software accommodates businesses no matter what their chosen GST accounting method, i.e. Cash or Accruals.

All reports required to generate a BAS are found in the "GST Reports" area.

Do all entities have to prepare Financial Statements fully compliant with Australian Accounting Standards?

No. Entities that can be classified as "Non-Reporting Entities" need not prepare fully compliant Financial Statements. The following will often be Non-Reporting Entities:

  • Small proprietary companies;
  • Family trusts;
  • Partnerships;
  • Sole Traders; and
  • Wholly owned subsidiaries of Australian reporting entities.


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