Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Horses and wealth again on ATO radar

When the ATO makes it so obvious that it targets wealthy players in the Racing Industry, I can’t help but put the industry on notice.

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Don't forget this stock tax rule!

It’s the start of the tax year and I see these stock rules continually overlooked for new start-ups.

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Finally a Stallion Tax Case

Cases involving taxation and stallions don’t come along very often and this is a very interesting one to share.

Be on notice – our office is seeking some landmark ATO rulings re tax and stallions and these outomes will be released in the coming days and weeks.

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ATO withdraws hobby horse ruling - But don't panic!

It’s amazing what the ATO will do in the “dead of night” whilst it THINKS no-one is paying attention. I want to get it out there that this special CGT concession to hobby racehorse owners is still available.

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Great Southern Tax Seminar

After a long spell (2009), our tax talk comes to Melbourne in June 2017.

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Rural Land Tax Crackdown Continues in NSW

Land Tax exemption scrutiny on breeding and agistment properties has really escalated in NSW over the past few years and this very interesting case is a reflection of that.

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Business or Hobby - FAQ

I hope you’re well and Happy New Year!

Well the new buying season starts this week with the QLD MM sales and this updated FAQ release should clarify the many questions that new (and maybe established?) players will have on whether there bloodstock holdings meet the ATO ‘business’ criteria for claiming losses and GST refunds.

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