Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Paul Carrazzo CPA - Paul is the principal of Carrazzo Consulting CPAs. Paul has over 25 years of experience in taxation and business consulting, including three years with the international accounting firm, "Arthur Young" (now "Ernst & Young").

Paul has a great passion for taxation, especially the specialty areas of thoroughbred taxation and property tax. This is supported by the many seminars and articles he has been involved with over the years on these topics, which has also led to him being a regular media commentator on these issues.

Paul is also a CPA Australia accredited Financial Planning Specialist (FPS), thus he has a well rounded knowledge of the financial issues so important to the financial well being of his clients. Click Here for Paul's full Bio



bill Bill Mavropoulos (Senior Tax Manager) - Bill qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2012 starting his career with Nexia ASR in business services in 2008. This position allowed Bill to develop a sound commercial understanding and grounding across a number of different industries and professions. Bill was given the opportunity to delegate and review engagements of more junior staff and develop his network of professional contacts. He developed a keen interest and proficiency in interpreting and applying tax laws as well as experience in the audit and management accounting business units of the firm.

Bill subsequently moved to Taxpayers Australia Limited in 2011. In this role he focused on the tax technical and advisory skills gained initially at Nexia ASR. He provided guidance and advice to Chief Financial Officers and partners at both law firms and accounting firms. Bill wrote for all the technical publications of the business and notably has written for LexisNexis legal publications in respect of tax laws and the constitution. Bill has a wide breadth of experience from trust taxation and small business to capital gains tax and payroll.

Bill recently commenced employment at Carrazzo Consulting, a boutique tax advisory practice. As a Senior Tax Manager, he trains and upskills a number of junior staff in various aspects of both tax compliance and consulting. He builds on the firm's strength in the horse racing industry while, at the same time, bringing a unique blend of practical and highly tax technical skills to broaden the practice's service offerings.


Molly Abuli (Supervisor) - Molly completed a Masters in Accounting and Finance Double Major at Deakin University and holds a bachelor of Information Technology. She was on the 2013 Dean’s Merit list of awardees due to her overall academic result. Molly worked as a coordinator at Deakin University for two years while studying her masters. She was a vice president of the Deakin “Toastmasters” club for a year. Molly has a diverse range of interests and, whilst at university in Beijing, served as volunteer at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Molly speaks fluent Mandarin and is well respected and valued by our Asian client base.

Molly started with Carrazzo Consulting as an intermediate accountant in September 2012 and now has four years’ experience as a qualified CPA accountant. She is passionate about helping clients in fulfilling all facets of their business and financial goals, with a particular focus on taxation implication of trusts, partnership and companies, SMSF, fringe benefit tax and capital gain tax. As a Supervisor, she manages a diverse group of clients and currently she is using her past years’ experience to helping junior staff in various projects. She is now working on her advisory skills by taking on more consulting tasks.

Molly spends her spare time indulging her love of dancing, volunteering, travelling and exploring. Molly is a tragic “foody” and is the go girl if you want to try Melbourne’s best cafes and restaurants.

rachel Rachel Gao(Senior Accountant) - Rachel is an experienced professional Accountant and has served in the accounting service industry since 2013.

Rachel’s holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) and a Master of Applied Finance from Monash University and she is also currently pursuing her CPA program.

Since joining Carrazzo Consulting, Rachel has contributed her expertise and expanded our capability in handling clients from a wide range of industries. With her meticulous attitude, excellent interpersonal skills and number sensitivity, topped with 4 years of professional experience as a Business Services Accountant, she is keen to provide her clients with the finest resolution. Like many of our team, Rachel is fluent in Mandarin.

 keith Keith Yao (Intermediate Accountant) - Keith holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Management) from the University of Melbourne and is currently pursuing his Chartered Accounting Qualification.

Keith started his career as an Auditor at Ernst & Young in Singapore where he has developed a good knowledge of the financial accounting and taxation sector.

Keith grew up in Malaysia. He studied and worked in Singapore for numerous years before settling down in Melbourne. His cultural diversity and different perspective continues to serve his clients well and adds value to their experience. He is passionate about offering the best service to his clients.

 Serena Xu (Accountant)



Bonnie Sun (Accountant)



Katherine Harrigan (Administration/Bookkeeping)



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